Zany Xanadu

Vintage Ad #1,868: Xanadu! by jbcurio is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The most dazzling romantic musical fantasy in years!


Within the film are time travel scenes of the most unlikely culture contrasts seen on the big screen (like the big band era vs. disco – with ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) filling much of its double-platinum motion picture soundtrack album.


Xanadu Title Track: Olivia & ELO


My biggest arguments in support of the movie’s cult following (a significant fan base yet today) are the pairing of two bigtime stars: Olivia Newton-John with Gene Kelly, and performances by the late Andy Gibb of the legendary Brothers Gibb legacy.


The Brothers Gibb


Disclaimer: PG-13 warning for language in last few seconds of video. Thank You.