Porch Swing Chat: The Paris Apartment

Porch Swing Chat: The Paris Apartment


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The Paris Apartment:

My Fondness for France on Display


You may have read my mention of France as a personal favorite in Nostalgia Neverland: About: Author and Host: Lakie Harrod.

I’m a lover of national and state park hiking trails, beagles, Roy Rogers, and France.  Here to remind you about the many pleasant memories of your finest life experiences and help you relive them.

Truly, my day would not be complete without a touch of French influence. What better way than in my interior design at home?


A 1997 book by Claudia Strasser is a Parisienne joy I’ve discovered recently, so allow me to share a glimpse:


If you like non-minimalistic, old-world decor with character,

I do hope you’ll find a copy to add to your own book collection.

And meander through Claudia’s website for an unforgettable trip.


Click here to learn more:

Book Preview

 The Website