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Glimpses of Fairie Gardens:

Scenes of Serenity




No More Singing the Blues

“blueberries” by Greg_e is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Porch Swing Chats

You can find newsletter archives featured here through April 30.


No More Singing the Blues:

A Basket of Blueberries Saves the Day


One good turn deserves another!

That’s why we’re back in the kitchen for a second day in a row. Whipping up a little something universally loved… coffeecake.

You can use either the scratch recipe link or a super-easy mix.

And remember to invite someone over to share its deliciousness. 

Then you’ll both be no more singing the blues!

Blueberry Buckle Coffeecake


Quick tips when shopping for the super-easy mix version:

Pick up a Krusteaz Cinnamon Swirl Cake Mix in the baking aisle. Swing by the fruit section for a pint of blueberries. Add eggs, butter, and salad oil to the cart and you’re ready for fast checkout.

Back at home, use box directions AND gently fold rinsed berries into batter, reserving ALL cinnamon streusel for topping. Bake in a buttered square pan (8×8 or 9×9), adding 5-8 min. to baking time.





Post #100: Let the Good Times Roll

Vintage Rock (Sugar) Maple Solid One-Piece Rolling Pin by GranniesKitchen; licensed under CC BY 2.0


Porch Swing Chats

You can find newsletter archives featured here through April 30.


Post #100: Let the Good Times Roll!

The Great American Baking Tool


For this 100th blogpost feature, I’ve chosen something near and dear to me. A kitchen tool both simple and serene: the rolling pin.


There are sounds in life requiring no explanation; ones we recognize without even seeing them in motion.

Like a balloon when it pops, a rotary telephone ringing, the neighborhood kid dribbling a basketball down the driveway,

or the squeaky screen door of a rustic mountain cabin.


With all the years of time I’ve spent in kitchens here-and-there, one sound I still find soothing is that of a rolling pin in motion as it smooths out a lump of pie pastry. Each rolling pin has its own unique pitch and sound; the result of its mechanism in the handles, combined with the force or gentleness of contact with the dough.


Going back in my memory, I could’ve been blindfolded and still have known which of our family’s bakers was working their rolling pin magic in the kitchen. How? Just as the gait of each person is unique to their build and stature, everyone uses a rolling pin somewhat differently. And the best part is this: whoever operates one of these kitchen tools is in pursuit of creating a culinary treat!


Click here to learn more: 


Making a Pastry Shell



Motels Make a Comeback

Historic Route 66 Motel sign, Kingman, Arizona. Original image from Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress collection. 


Porch Swing Chats

You can find newsletter archives featured here through April 30.


Motels Make a Comeback:

Roadside Inns on Route 66 & Nationwide


Once, when I was out West in the 1970’s, then again down South

in the 1980’s, I landed upon motor inns similar to this one.

Time travel is guaranteed when booking a retro roadside inn.

Route 66 Motel on TripAdvisor

Click here to learn more:


$89-210 Retro Motel Rooms in USA


Great Smoky Mountains Roadside Motels



Oui Oui L’Accordeon

“accordion playing” by Holly is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Porch Swing Chats

You can find newsletter archives featured here through April 30.


Oui Oui L’Accordeon:

The Musical Streetsounds of Paris


Let’s pause for a lilting conversation about the music of France.


One enduring icon often associated with French street music is the accordion.

We stereotypically recognize its distinct instrumental sound and automatically pair the two together as one: the accordion & Paris.


My fondness for the instrument is woven inside the very fabric of my being.

Our family boasted an accordion player, my maternal grandmother. Memories of her hoisting it from the leather case, attaching the straps around her shoulders & back, then arching the keyboard and buttoned panel to open the bellows and play are still vivid.

Never mind her petite frame was fully covered from neck to knee.

With an eager audience surrounding the room, she and her guitar-playing partner (and husband) promptly lit the night with lively folksongs and beloved gospel hymns until our hearts overflowed.



Porch Swing Chat: Going Up!

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash


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Going Up! :

The Music and Mystery of Old Elevators


Elevator music is alive and well on Spotify, YouTube, and others.

Today we’re featuring Retro Seeburg 1000 Elevator Music Volume 2 by Fardemark De Rood Vos on YouTube channel Fardemark.

Listener comments on this one are tributes to the music itself!


Elevator Moods in Music


Next, let’s take a ride in an antique Otis elevator with Bessie Mae:



Porch Swing Chat: Teddy Bears Rule

Photo by Oxana Lyashenko on Unsplash


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Teddy Bears Rule:

The Epitome of Stuffed Animal Softness


Maybe you had one. Or two. Or a toy chest full of them.

Hopefully you enjoyed a teddy bear firsthand as a child growing up in the big wide world.

Maybe your companion was a baby blanket, doll or stuffed animal of another breed, instead.

Whatever you loved was a frequent part of your day (or night).

While teddy bear history itself is fascinating, let’s simply take a moment to ponder the tenderness they afford to kids everywhere.





Porch Swing Chat: The Paris Apartment


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The Paris Apartment:

My Fondness for France on Display


You may have read my mention of France as a personal favorite in Nostalgia Neverland: About: Author and Host: Lakie Harrod.

I’m a lover of national and state park hiking trails, beagles, Roy Rogers, and France.  Here to remind you about the many pleasant memories of your finest life experiences and help you relive them.

Truly, my day would not be complete without a touch of French influence. What better way than in my interior design at home?


A 1997 book by Claudia Strasser is a Parisienne joy I’ve discovered recently, so allow me to share a glimpse:


If you like non-minimalistic, old-world decor with character,

I do hope you’ll find a copy to add to your own book collection.

And meander through Claudia’s website for an unforgettable trip.


Click here to learn more:


Book Preview

 The Website


Porch Swing Chat: Kickin’ Up Dust

“Historic Route 66” by Randy Heinitz is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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Kickin’ Up Dust:

Scenes of Route 66

at Amboy Crater & Beyond


This symmetrical land formation sits on one of the

youngest volcanic fields in the country:


Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark 



“Guardian Lion” by pburka is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

And nearby, two massive marble statues remain a mystery:



Porch Swing Chat: Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash


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Don’t Lose Your Marbles:

Glass Marbles for Game-playing & Collecting


Playing with marbles like these as a youngster was a novelty.

My grandparents kept them with other random toys leftover from their grown children. 

I remember how the small, weighted glass balls felt to touch, and the distinct sound of friction as I rolled and shook them in my cupped hands.

Even the few chipped marbles were never sharp, but instead wore a swirled divot like a proud battle scar.

Clearly, glass marbles are nothing less than beautiful creations with mesmerizing power, whether in motion or perfectly still. 


Click here to learn more: 


Akro Agate Marbles