Recollections of The Shady Rest

Recollections of The Shady Rest


Retro television series’ reruns conjure up memories we appreciate more as the years roll by.  Petticoat Junction is one of these oldies-but-goodies that holds a special place in my heart, as it does for millions of fans. The numbers of Facebook group followers alone prove an enduring affection for the legacy of this 7-season show.


There was always a taste of drama at the start of each episode in the earlier seasons, leading to a dilemma – usually solved by Kate. The relationships of her three daughters: between one another, with their mother, and with others outside the family, held my constant attention in childhood.


The grand, antique house & hotel, period characters, vintage costumes, and homespun cooking were all rolled up into a true masterpiece of small-town, cornball comedy at its dearest and finest.


The predictable laziness of Uncle Joe led me to wonder (during my viewing as a youngster) why Kate’s girls were all named after him.  Once adulthood seasoned my human experience, I embraced Joe’s unspoken and assumingly vital part in Kate’s early history.

Her devotion to Joe was intermingled with bouts of complete exasperation: chemistry not unlike Andy & Barney, and Ricky & Lucy.


Kate was as tenacious about keeping her family strong, as Joe was about making himself scarce when physical work was required!  Endeared by viewers for doing her best with the lemons life handed her each day, Kate was an entrepreneurial genius. She kept the Shady Rest running while instilling good character in her children. With a Mother’s tireless love, she performed miracles. And we watch still.