Town Once Famous

Town Once Famous

Pontoon Boat Sunset by Rob Lee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lake Wobegon is a fictional town created by Garrison Keillor. And while he authored several books from 1981-2014, his radio show, A Prairie Home Companion was his claim to fame.


Anyone born from, say, 1950-1970, likely tuned into the weekly program or heard its American folk music playing from a home radio often enough to recognize Keillor’s familiar voice.


Comedy is best when it contains a measure of real life experience and human fallibility.  This is precisely how

A Prairie Home Companion brought the imaginary town

of Lake Wobegon to life each week around the globe.


I thoroughly enjoyed the author-narrated audio version of News from Lake Wobegon for several years after receiving it as a gift. One of its finest stories is here for your pleasure:




Further proof that some celebrities still care about their fans:


And He Still Lives Here!