Bossa Nova Beat

Bossa Nova Beat

Photo by Pearse O’Halloran on Unsplash 


Bossa Nova Beat:

The Jazz Genre for All Generations

What happened when a band mixed jazz & samba into one single  rhythm, down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, back in the 1950s & 1960s?

A new musical genre was born: Bossa Nova, meaning New Wave.


If you think this was only a fly-by-night fancy, think again.

The enduring hit, The Girl from Ipanema, is thought to be the second most recorded pop song ever (after The Beatles’ Yesterday)!


In honor of the jazz genre for all generations, here is Ultra-Lounge,

Vol. 14: Bossa Novaville. My top favorite song is Amy’s Theme.

The final track is by Julie London, nurse from the series Emergency!

Let me know in the comments which of the 19 hits you like best.





Simply S’Wonderful


Say the word crooner, and Michael Buble often comes to mind.


Consider instead the long history of female crooners and you’ll see

Diana Krall prominently in the list of modern artists. With over 50 award nominations and 24 wins, Diana is something to behold.


This Gershwin tune proves romance is still alive and well. Our first in a weeklong feature of love songs to savor, all by great women.