Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys


A clear favorite, and long-running series about family, was

My Three Sons, starring Fred MacMurray. Six males lived in the household; one of them being the pet dog named Tramp.


Both their grandfather Bub, then later, his brother Uncle Charley, were into full-time busyness in looking after the business of a full brood of boys, along with their father Mike


The generation-gap humor was deeply touching as it made the family draw closer after conflict or miscommunication. Each actor effortlessly drew viewers into a warm web of love, trust and devotion.


Actresses were sprinkled throughout episodes sparsely, and in perfect taste. There was plenty of time during the 12-year series run to let nature take its course. Every guy and girl became a lasting part of this television family, and holds a pleasant memory in our hearts.