Award-Winning Art Nouveau

Award-Winning Art Nouveau


Our early springtime flower & and vintage vase pairing feature concludes as we shine a spotlight on the charming pink camellia.


With visions of cascading camellias in a vase like this one, natural  appreciation and accolades would be expressed by all admirers.



Matte Glazed Butterfly Vase (1917)

Artus and Anne Van Briggle ran an art pottery in Colorado. 

Their work was highly honored in Paris, France, Boston, MA,

St. Louis, MO, and Portland, OR.




Noveltyware by Niloak

Noveltyware by Niloak


While other garden gems may last longer, the tulip is a beloved part.

No matter what challenges or celebrations come our way,

a bouquet of tulips makes the day brighter.

The vase pictured below is perfectly fitting for any tulip trio.



Niloak Winghandled Art Deco Bulbous Vase (1940s); 

a noveltyware design in the Hywood line of planters and vases.



Saturday Evening Girls


Lenten roses; originally native to Greece and Turkey.

Yet a welcome sight in tandem throughout the United States,

from the midwest to the south, lasting six months in most regions. 


Imagine a full bouquet atop a priceless treasure such as this 1922 vase by Edith Brown, now held in a private collection. Edith aptly captured the pure essence of reflective pastoral scenery in glorious greens.



Edith Brown was part of the Paul Revere Pottery,

the first women-owned and run art pottery in America.

The Saturday Evening Girls Club introduced immigrant girls to literature, drama, and dance. Many became full time potters at Paul Revere in Boston, MA. Pottery rooms were filled with sunlight, fresh flowers, and music throughout 8 hour workdays (with paid vacations)!

 Click here to learn more about the fascinating story.