Coastline of Blue

Coastline of Blue


Photo by Blink+ “French Riviera”


What makes the French Riviera irresistibly alluring?


This romantic region is second-to-none with its breathtaking scenic views, white beaches, water sports, and limitless recreation.

Here on the waterfront in the south of France, you’ll find the ultimate vacation destination to enjoy any time of year.




Take an invigorating day trip by boat, then picnic on the islands. Seated comfortably along banks of the lovely creeks,  you’ll savor local bread, honey, wine, and other tasty morsels in quiet seclusion.


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Soak up the sun along the coastline beaches, or take a swim in the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. The lush hillsides silently lure you along their winding walking trails. Sun and fun weave a tale of exquisite romance and relaxation in the shimmery Cote d’Azur.