The Brady Days


Television’s first iconic blended family was The Brady Bunch.


With two optimistic parents, six active children, a housekeeper (who was practically considered family), and a shaggy dog, Tiger

this clan was sure to please all ages of weekly TV viewers.


Several guest stars appeared in random episodes through the years; my top pics being Davy Jones, Desi Arnaz Jr., and Don Ho.


The sitcom’s popularity grew with the birth a self-titled bubblegum musical group producing five albums featuring all the child actors.


And as a grand finale (before reunions & remakes), the Brady Bunch Variety Hour was offshoot from the original series, airing 1976-1977.


HGTV gave fans (and everyone) a huge gift last year with its 7-part series wherein all the Brady “kids” helped renovate the Brady house.





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