Looking Out for Their Own


Every family is unique. Comparing any two, side by side, will show both likenesses and differences. But the one thing we may all depend upon most in our own family is for those we depend upon most to be consistently dependable. 


That brings us directly to the one small town in America where common sense ruled. And dependability was delivered daily.

Let’s take a glimpse into Mayberry: the fictional town where honor and integrity were wrapped up in familiarity and fun. 


In this emotionally tense scene surrounding compassion for dogs, we can practically read the minds of Opie and Barney. And witness an attempt to bring reassurance become a compelling call to action. 





Boys Will Be Boys


A clear favorite, and long-running series about family, was

My Three Sons, starring Fred MacMurray. Six males lived in the household; one of them being the pet dog named Tramp.


Both their grandfather Bub, then later, his brother Uncle Charley, were into full-time busyness in looking after the business of a full brood of boys, along with their father Mike


The generation-gap humor was deeply touching as it made the family draw closer after conflict or miscommunication. Each actor effortlessly drew viewers into a warm web of love, trust and devotion.


Actresses were sprinkled throughout episodes sparsely, and in perfect taste. There was plenty of time during the 12-year series run to let nature take its course. Every guy and girl became a lasting part of this television family, and holds a pleasant memory in our hearts.