12 Secrets to a Sentimental Christmas


My top 12 secrets for 2020:


#1              A tabletop vignette of family mementos, gathered from your keepsakes and arranged on a tray, will sweeten your holiday season.

Sweet Groupings


#2              Playing vintage music playlists will bring instant holiday cheer to listeners, at any time of the day or night.

     Spotify: Vintage Christmas playlist by Jeremy Griffin

     YouTube: Past Perfect Vintage Music channel

     Pandora: Baby, It’s Cold Outside station

     Amazon Music: Holiday Movie Favorites


#3              Festive garland can be made by stringing raw cranberries on heavy thread, then draping over greenery or the Christmas tree, for a burst of Victorian reds.

Garland Threading Kit


#4              A juicy beef roast dinner, placed in your slow cooker the morning of arrival for overnight guests, will have your home smelling divine until dinnertime.

 Savory Beef Dinner


#5              Brown paper packages tied up with string, made of grocery bags and yarn scraps, will add a timeless touch.

Pretty Little Packages


#6              Wearing a gold locket, holding your loved one’s photo, will warm your heart during holiday celebrations.

 Old-Fashioned Locket


#7              Playing recordings of past holiday gatherings in the background, while cooking or baking, will fill your kitchen with familiar voices and loving laughter.

Making Baking Memories


#8              Arranging snowflake stickers on windows and mirrors will add magic and wonder to any room’s décor.

Snowflakes Kit


#9              Rosewater soaps, set by each sink and bathtub, let everyone relive the soft scents of Grandma’s house.

Vintage Toiletries


#10           Delightfully spiced fragrance will waft through your home when you simply simmer water with ground or stick cinnamon in a saucepan for  20-30 minutes.

Spice is Nice


#11           An unwrapped wooden toy under the tree will surprise both curious little guests and adults alike.



#12           Gourmet hot cocoa topped with whipped cream will quickly make you a favorite holiday host.

Godiva Cocoa Mix


12 Secrets to a Sentimental Christmas

  My top 12 secrets for 2020:   #1              A tabletop vignette of family mementos, gathered from your keepsakes and arranged on a tray, will sweeten your holiday season. Sweet Groupings   #2              Playing vintage music playlists will bring...

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