Wild Child

Roger Miller’s Hometown Mural

He caught my attention with his signature song before I was old enough to tie my own shoes. His performance was as crisp and clean as the black and white hues reflecting from the TV screen. Classic cool all the way.





The five-time Grammy winner was nicknamed “The Wild Child,” and “The Clown of Country Music” during his career.


Nervous jitters caused Miller to fail an audition for Chet Atkins. Then Minnie Pearl hired him to have a go at it as a fiddler.


Here’s one for the kid in all of us. Roger Miller composed, sang, and narrated much of Disney’s animated Robin Hood. If he were here today, Roger would likely say this work was as fun as it gets:





Ahead of Her Time

Photo: Andrew Batt Collection / Capitol-UMC

Bobby Gentry was never lost.

She simply chose to not be found.


Four Decades Later



We miss everything about her…

the voice….the look…and the power of her gifts to the world.

All we once had was a vanished mystique and our memories.


Fortunately, in 2018 we gained a surprise package of both known and unknown works to rekindle her stunning legacy:



One Cool Cat


Everything he touched turned to gold.


Bobby Troup composed, Get Your Kicks on Route 66, famously recorded by multiple artists beginning with Nat King Cole.

The song was inspired by a 10-day, cross-country drive taken by

Bobby and his first wife, Cynthia.


As a former Marine, Bobby was accustomed to drive and discipline. He was beloved and respected as a family man, musician, and actor.

Following their successful individual and joint careers in music, Bobby Troup and his wife Julie London were cast in a five-year run on the hit 1970s series, Emergency!





Timeless March Quintet

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