12 Secrets to a Sentimental Christmas

  My top 12 secrets for 2020:   #1              A tabletop vignette of family mementos, gathered from your keepsakes and arranged on a tray, will sweeten your holiday season. Sweet Groupings   #2              Playing vintage music playlists will bring...

What’s in the Toolbox?

  Stanley and Craftsman were household names long before any of us were born. Our grandparents may have owned a dovetailed wooden toolbox like the one you see pictured above.   Chances are good that our fathers, uncles or big brothers carried a metal one...

The Impassioned Italiana

  (Photo credit: Robert Sullivan)   "I was growing up, (and) the ugly duckling was turning into a swan. Above all, the desire, the almost physical need to express my emotions, to translate into gestures and words, the feelings I had built up inside, and that I...

Scenes of the Old Sawmill

(Photo credit: Evakonpoika)   Stories of North American life don't get any more traditional than those about logging, wood milling, and lumberyards.    American Sawmill Lore   See how it was done from start to finish 70 yrs ago. The exceptional quality...

Three Cheers for Chocolate!

  Winter is on its way. We don't necessarily want to rush it...or, do we? Snow has fallen in many locations already. Over one foot in some spots!   Few snow day memories hold more soothing comfort than those of sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Hot...

Catch the Wave: Fantasy Island Vibes

(Photo credit: Chad Sparkes)   Tiki Lounge lovers abound. Are you a closet Tiki fan, too? If so, you're in good company!   This little tasty sampler of tunes is like a box of assorted chocolates; there's something for everyone:   Tiki Lounge Sounds  ...

Sewing Up Feed Sack Fashion

(Photo credit: Jayne ~ Twiggy & Opal)   How flour for our daily bread clothed America: the story of feed sack dresses, quilts and more.

The Modest Motor Lodge

  Are you ready for a little sentimental journey? Take your fill at one of these retro-themed motels where simplicity is sure to please!   Vintage Motels  And Many More!    

Dimestore Daydreams

 (Photo credit: Joseph A.)   Stepping through the entrance of a local G. C. Murphy Co. store, we're back in the year 1959.   A brass bell hanging on the heavy steel-and-glass door rings. The high-pitched voice of a clerk floats to the front with a warm...

Roy Rogers Rides Again

   (Photo credit: born1945)   There was a time in American history when cowboys weren't around much anymore and their legendary fame was taller than the men themselves.   That's the time when I grew up, hearing my father recall the thrill of The Lone Ranger...

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