She Did it All

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Model/Singer/Actress/Activist Par Excellence


She was Julia, a widowed mother and professional nurse in a landmark television series. In my little girl eyes at age seven, this portrayal was her sole identity, and I adored her in each scene.

The many fascinating feats Diahann Carroll achieved are fond discoveries I’ve recently made.

She became a prolific person who rose to stardom and strongly held it throughout her lifetime.



Diahann Carroll and her parents Mabel Faulk and John Johnson | Source:


My favorite aspect of Diahann is how she held onto public fame in her prime, while privately becoming the “saving grace” of her aging parents. 

Diahann truly embodied devotion when she nurtured the two people who brought her into the world; the same two people who had chosen to separate themselves from her life for one year when she was a toddler. While love often calls for complete forgiveness, there’s evidence Diahann displayed this pure love when it was needed most.





Timeless March Quintet

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The classic story of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is an American staple. Those who’ve read the book cannot imagine their childhood without its touching effects.


There are plenty of stage and screen interpretations of the March family (comprised of a mother and her four daughters). Fans will often tout their favorite – with firm reasons why it’s superior to all others, and details of its most endearing qualities. Mine is the 1994 release starring Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, Christian Bale, Claire Danes, Trini Alvarado, and Gabriel Byrne:




Enjoy your cozy fall evenings by listening here:




Whether reading the book or watching the movie, you may be left wanting more. This channel offers videos of the entire aesthetic:




Iconic Style of Googie

Iconic Style of Googie

Photos: Architecture Worth Saving


Outrageous, funky, and colorful; Googie architecture swept through the country for 25 years. You could spot it at a distance and be lured into its spell for shopping, food, and fun!



Googie was the family nickname of Lillian Burton. She and husband Mortimer owned one of the three California coffee shops designed by architect John Lautner. Their Hollywood restaurant on Sunset Boulevard was proclaimed, Googie’s Coffee Shop, kicking off a futuristic design craze. We love the look and the name!



More Googie landmarks of Los Angeles County:


Preserving the Past