Memento of Epic Proportions

Photo by Jason Ng on Unsplash


There it sat. A small souvenir, tucked into the telephone niche of my great-grandparents’ Victorian farmhouse. A glass paperweight displaying the world’s greatest waterfall.



From horseback to stagecoach to trains, people have flocked to this natural wonder even before motor and air travel were possible.



Onlookers have been hypnotized by the Falls from the time mankind first peered upon its grandeur. View it with a vintage lover here:


Timeless Romance at Niagara Falls



Dust Bowl Troubadour

Photo by: Celebrate America


This controversial American singer/songwriter

was also an activist and author.

He left an indelible mark on the fabric of our country. 

His Legacy Lives Here


Any fool can make something complicated.

It takes a genius to make it simple.


― Woody Guthrie


The folk music I learned in grade school music classes and while singing along with my family carried a wide range of mood and meaning. We’d belt out, Oh Susannah, Red River Valley, Puff the Magic Dragon, Scarborough Fair, and This Land is Your Land.





She’s a Lady

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Girls love dolls and women love vases.

The marriage of the two became an American classic collectible.


A Lady of the House in the 1950s was highly likely to own and display one or more of these little treasures. One of my fond early memories was browsing in a gift shop within the house of a family friend. Head vases were shown for sale; at the time being brand new. Painted porcelain perfection never looked so good!



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