Iconic Style of Googie

Photos: Architecture Worth Saving


Outrageous, funky, and colorful; Googie architecture swept through the country for 25 years. You could spot it at a distance and be lured into its spell for shopping, food, and fun!



Googie was the family nickname of Lillian Burton. She and husband Mortimer owned one of the three California coffee shops designed by architect John Lautner. Their Hollywood restaurant on Sunset Boulevard was proclaimed, Googie’s Coffee Shop, kicking off a futuristic design craze. We love the look and the name!



More Googie landmarks of Los Angeles County:


Preserving the Past






Fill ‘Er Up!

Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash

The ding ding of a service station bell is an immortal tone that plays in my memory as clear as day. And in yours too, if you lived in the days of full auto service attendants.


We’re a country of services everywhere. Pet grooming, auto windshield replacement, shopping delivery, lawn care, car washes, spas, cellular phone service, and countless more.

The thing we often need most and have lost entirely is the full service gasoline station. Where service also meant safety! 







Memento of Epic Proportions

Photo by Jason Ng on Unsplash


There it sat. A small souvenir, tucked into the telephone niche of my great-grandparents’ Victorian farmhouse. A glass paperweight displaying the world’s greatest waterfall.



From horseback to stagecoach to trains, people have flocked to this natural wonder even before motor and air travel were possible.



Onlookers have been hypnotized by the Falls from the time mankind first peered upon its grandeur. View it with a vintage lover here:


Timeless Romance at Niagara Falls