Tennessee is Tops

Photo by Tanner Boriack on Unsplash


There’s a lot more to this landlocked state than meets the eye.

Let’s take a breath of fresh country air as host Joe Elmore shows us why Tennessee is the place to see and be.

If you love historic homes, this one will suit you to a “T” :



And yet another destination for dreaming and dining:




The greatest U.S. world’s fair in 40 years:


Knoxville World’s Fair


And a trip back in time to 1982:


Pastimes in Tennessee



Wild Child

Roger Miller’s Hometown Mural

He caught my attention with his signature song before I was old enough to tie my own shoes. His performance was as crisp and clean as the black and white hues reflecting from the TV screen. Classic cool all the way.





The five-time Grammy winner was nicknamed “The Wild Child,” and “The Clown of Country Music” during his career.


Nervous jitters caused Miller to fail an audition for Chet Atkins. Then Minnie Pearl hired him to have a go at it as a fiddler.


Here’s one for the kid in all of us. Roger Miller composed, sang, and narrated much of Disney’s animated Robin Hood. If he were here today, Roger would likely say this work was as fun as it gets:





Seeds Worth Savoring

Photo by Empreinte on Unsplash


Not everyone is a gardener.  Are you one?

A love to garden is a passion grown from being around gardening, or arising from a curiosity of nature’s cornucopia bursting from Earth’s soil. 



The names attributed to heirloom and heritage varieties of tomatoes alone are fascinating in and of themselves. Not to mention the unusual colors and formations when they are fully ripened.


Big rainbow, pear, chocolate cherry, banana, green zebra, garden peach, hillbilly, lollipop, Hawaiian pineapple, wild cherry, three sisters, ruffled, and tie dye pink all have double meanings in the world of tomatoes.