Time-Out for Tenderness

 Photo by Robert Eklund on Unsplash

Children and their pets create bonds, strong and true.

Wherever a pet can be added to the family, daily affection and relationships enjoyed by all can be worth the effort required.


Top 10 Reasons


Warmer weather and sunshine now appear more often,

as springtime completely floods the countryside.

What does this mean for our neighborhoods and communities? Why, it’s time to organize a pet show, of course!

A short 1930s film of California kids shows us how it’s done:







Town Once Famous

Town Once Famous

Pontoon Boat Sunset by Rob Lee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lake Wobegon is a fictional town created by Garrison Keillor. And while he authored several books from 1981-2014, his radio show, A Prairie Home Companion was his claim to fame.


Anyone born from, say, 1950-1970, likely tuned into the weekly program or heard its American folk music playing from a home radio often enough to recognize Keillor’s familiar voice.


Comedy is best when it contains a measure of real life experience and human fallibility.  This is precisely how

A Prairie Home Companion brought the imaginary town

of Lake Wobegon to life each week around the globe.


I thoroughly enjoyed the author-narrated audio version of News from Lake Wobegon for several years after receiving it as a gift. One of its finest stories is here for your pleasure:




Further proof that some celebrities still care about their fans:


And He Still Lives Here!




Hello, Operator?

Hello, Operator?

Photo by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

 100 Years of “Ma Bell”


Do you ever miss the feeling of cradling a Western Electric Bell telephone in your hand, holding the handset up to your ear, listening to the voice of your loved one on the other end?


And, how about the tingling ring that danced down the hallway when someone called your house?


Take a step back with me now as we revisit the early days of “modern” phone technology.